Russian T-34 tank runs over Vladine Biosse‏

World War ll history buffs will know what a formidable weapon the Russian T-34 medium tank proved to be against the German army on the Eastern Front.  A similar unstoppable Russian fury named Denis Grachev was unleashed on May 6th at Foxwoods’ Fox theater against popular, Providence based, undefeated, super middleweight Vladine Biosse.  Biosse, known as “Mr. Providence” to his many friends, fans and admirers was totally outgunned by his Russian opponent and TKOed in 2:56 of the fourth round.

Grachev is little known in this area and was a substitute for Biosse’s original opponent.  Although Grachev’s pro boxing record was 9-0-1 with five KOs, he is mainly recognized for his kickboxing and Muay Thai accomplishments.  Reportedly, he has won several Russian and world championships in these disciplines.

The bald headed, unsmiling, actor Yul Brenner looking Grachev was born in Izhevski, Russia, on August 3, 1982, and is currently fighting out of San Diego, California, where he works as a self defense instructor.  All of his previous bouts were in California, with the exception of his last, an eight round decision win in Miami, Florida.  He made his pro debut on June 24, 2007, with a second round KO in Del Mar, California, over Rosendo Rubalcaba.

Against Biosse, he started slowly in the opening round and initially did not appear that tough an opponent.  However, in the second he began to open up and belted Biosse with several hard shots although he was hit several times himself.  In the third and fourth rounds, he knocked Biosse down three times with the referee Joey Lopino stopping the one sided contest in the fourth with Biosse unable to defend himself.  Actually, there appeared to be another unrecorded knockdown in the third when Biosse was staggered and partially went down with his right knee touching the canvas.  Referee Lopino did not rule this a knockdown although some at press row would dispute this call.

It is back to the drawing board for former URI football player Vladine Biosse.  Despite being a southpaw and facing mainly right handed fighters, he did not appear to know how to get away from Grachev’s best weapon, a right cross.  Instead of moving to his right and throwing straight lefts, he kept moving clockwise into his opponent’s right hand.  An accumulation of these power shots proved to be Vladine Biosse’s undoing.

Ed Campbell
Campbell Boxing Report