Kevin Cobbs Interview

Kevin Cobbs, a slick boxing, hard punching, 181 pound cruiserweight from Burlington, Vermont, made an impressive debut on the undercard of the April 22nd pro boxing show held at Mohegan Sun.  Specifically, Kevin knocked out tough Nick Lavin from Yonkers, New York, in 1:24 of the first round.  As soon as the opening bell rang, Cobbs advanced at Lavin and began to hit him with solid punches.  Lavin had come to fight; however, he simply was overwhelmed with the ferocity of Cobbs’s attack.

Kevin Cobbs was born on June 23, 1984, in Hartford, Connecticut; however, he has lived in and around Burlington, Vermont, for the last ten years and considers himself to be a true Vermonter.  Kevin advised that, “surviving ten Vermont winters really toughens a guy up”.

He trains at the Fall River PAL boxing gym where he is being schooled by Libby Medeiros, a fixture on the southeastern Massachusetts boxing scene for 43 years.  He is managed by the popular Bobby Smead of Fall River.

Kevin was forced to relocate to Fall River because he could not find any quality opponents nor sparring partners in Vermont.  Although, he was able to compile an amateur record of 10-4-0 in the Green Mountain state, he indicated that it got to the point that no Vermonter would get in the ring with him.  Accordingly, he had to leave his family and seven month son behind and devote himself to boxing full time in this boxing rich area.

He is currently employed as an instructor at Pro Fitness in Fall River.

Ed Campbell
Campbell Boxing Report