Johnathan Vazquez Interview

Johnathan Vazquez, a thunderous punching junior welterweight, will be fighting one of the four round preliminary fights on the May 6th pro show at Foxwoods.  To date, Johnathan’s pro record is 3-0-0 and he has scored impressive first round knockouts over his three opponents.  For a tall, skinny, 140 pounder he has a punch that lands with the impact of a mule’s kick.

Johnathan was born in Miami, Florida, on July 18, 1985; however, he has been living in the New Bedford area for the last 20 years.  He had his first amateur fight in 1996 and compiled an amateur record of 65 wins and 15 losses.  He has won numerous amateur titles to include two Junior Olympics and a regional Golden Gloves championships plus he has been a finalist three times in national Golden Gloves competitions.

Boxing is currently his only full time job and he has indicated that he is fighting to secure a better future for this two children, ages three and six respectively.  He trains at both the Fall River PAL facility and the Heart Gym in New Bedford.   He spars and does his bag work at the PAL boxing gym and uses the New Bedford location for cardio and strength training.

He is trained by Libby Medeiros, a veteran of 43 years on the local southeastern Massachusetts boxing scene, and is managed by Ray Santiago.

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