Champion Boxer & Mini Skirt Wearer

I had obtained media credentials for a professional boxing show in Dorchester, MA, on July 16, 2011.  Hoping to get a line on an interesting story, I spoke to several of the fighters on the card.  A show official pointed out an extremely attractive young girl who was wearing a mini skirt and advised that she is a champion boxer.

I laughed and assumed that this person was making a joke.  After being informed that the girl really is a boxer and a very good one at that, I was introduced to Amanda Pavone.  Amanda and I spoke briefly three times during the course of the fights.  I am a retired U.S. Government investigator and usually am skeptical when I deal with people that I do not know.  When I became convinced that she was the real thing, I asked if we could sit and talk after the last bout.  She agreed.

I have been involved with boxing for over 50 years, mostly as a fan but also as a boxing writer, judge and amateur boxer.  I was amazed to learn that she has already won five novice level regional amateur boxing championships to include the Lowell Sun Golden Gloves in January 2009, and the Rocky Marciano Tournament in October 2010.  Additionally, she advised that she had just returned from competing in two national tournaments; i.e., the U.S. Championships in Colorado and the Women’s National Golden Gloves in Florida.  She finished second in both competitions.  She fights as a bantamweight and hopes to turn pro some day.

The aforementioned accomplishments would be impressive enough if not for the fact that she is a chef/manager at an acclaimed Boston area restaurant called the Daily Catch.  Actually this restaurant has three locations, the first being in Boston’s North End, the second in Boston’s Seaport District and the third in adjoining Brookline.  Amanda divides her time between the three, assuming different daily duties dictated by each restaurant’s changing needs.  In any one day, she could function as acting head chef, sous chef, saute chef, kitchen manager, etc.  She indicated that her average work day is ten plus hours conducted at a non stop pace.  She was prepared for this career by attending Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI, where she obtained a B.S. degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management in 2007.

A native of Burlington, MA, she still lives in this small suburban town northwest of Boston with her boyfriend, Ryan Kielczweski, who is an undefeated professional boxer.  He trains at the Cyr Farrell Gym in Quincy, MA, whereas Amanda is at Striking Beauties Gym in Attleboro, MA.  For those unfamiliar with Boston area traffic, it is one long, grueling, traffic congested ride from Burlington (or downtown Boston) to Attleboro.  After spending about 35 years living and working in Washington, D.C., I thought the traffic was bad there until I saw metropolitan Boston roadways during rush hours.  To date, the toughest part of Amanda;s boxing experience might be her battles with bad Massachusetts drivers and clogged area highways.

When asked why she trains so far from where she lives and works, Amanda said that the Striking Beauties Gym caters primarily to female boxers.  She had initially worked out much closer to her home; however, she felt that her current training facility was a better match for her needs.  Furthermore, renowned female boxing champion Jaime Clampitt is at Striking Beauties and serves as an inspiration to her.

Her mother and older brother are very supportive of her career although mother reportedly cringes every time that she is hit.  Amanda Pavone will be 26 years old on July 23rd and is fast becoming a very well known Bay State boxing personality.

Ed Campbell
Campbell Boxing Report